Hutch SUP wear, the first true stand-up paddle-board clothing brand.

We have a simple and single focus. We produce quality clothing exclusively for the growing tribe of paddle-boarders.

Our story started on a beach, one evening in the middle of summer.

We had just finished a SUP session when we (Simon and Al) first saw the need for a clothing brand to reflect our growing obsession.

We realised that talking about paddle boarding is good, but showing it was much better. Surfers and rowers have their own clothing brands…so why not the growing tribe of paddle boarders?

So we made it happen.

Using designs inspired by the Pacific cultures and locations where the sport started, we aim to share the joy of the SUP with its vibrant and growing tribe.

Our Products

We want our clothing to talk to paddle-boarders wherever they are.

We have a clear responsibility towards the environment, as well as the working conditions of those who are producing our products.

Our clothing is produced by factories subscribing to and certified by the Fairwear Foundation.

Where possible, we opt for water based dyes for our print, which is all done by hand in the UK.

Our Mission

We are members of the paddle-board tribe, whether we are on the water every day or once a year.

We believe that paddle boarding gives a physical and psychological boost which other sports don’t. This benefit needs to be shared and celebrated .

In every-way, paddle boarding helps you to live a life in balance.

If you share our mission, want to know more about us, see our new kit before anyone else or just join us for a paddle, please drop us your name and email address and we will keep you in the loop. We will never spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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