In Production…

On a bright day in Autumn Simon made his way from the sunny South Coast up to Nottingham for ‘print day’ where the first slice of SUP wear was being produced for us by October Textiles.

We chose ‘October’ to produce the first slice of our range after a number of conversations with other companies. They gave us hands down the best experience and added value in all our discussions. They developed their chops by producing for fashion brands and they impressed us with their depth of knowledge and attention to detail. Too many organisations focus on the lowest common denominator, but they drew us in by sharing our commitment to producing something special.

Our initial hit of tees and hoodies were all hand-printed in a morning.

The production process was a real eye opener.

T shirts were attached to a bit of kit that looked like an octopus and the colour of the ink was mixed by hand. It was wiped through the screen with a ‘squeegee’ (a super sized ice scraper) in a highly skilled process where too much ink would smudge and too little wouldn’t show.This was not a factory type operation, every step was hand cranked.

Thank you again to October Textiles for a fascinating day and big thanks to the boys for answering all our questions.

Hutch SUP wear launch our first range on October 10th 2014.